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As soon as the song started I was like HOLY SHIT this would be perfect for a borderlands 2 bossfight!

Absolutely amazing, my favorite song from you. the first drop is like watching a supernova from far away, seeing all the pretty star shards go everywhere. the second drop is much closer, you can feel the force and the heat of the supernova and it's enormous power is known to you. the third drop, you're in a space ship too busy dodging pieces of plasma and star to look at it.

This. Is. EPIC. 6 STARS!!! (stupid limit...) It's like a combination of your more techno based fast songs, like the original ludicrous speed, ultimate, vortex, and airborne robots, and your darker dubstepier songs, like deadlocked, dark angel, and the like. You took the 2 things that you do best, and made something out of both of them, and then made it sooooo much better than that. If this doesn't get reviews of at least 4.5 stars, than that's just because people are turning it up too high and bleeding their ears out because it's that awesome. 6/5, 11/10, 200%, amazing! Ps. can you put the songs that you have on your youtube channel from this album (other than the original ludicrous speed of course) on newgrounds as well? specifically Ultimate and Vortex. That would be awesome. PPs. YOU DA BEST!

About as much a fan of the name as every other review on this song, but the song is amazing! There's a reason behind the name (I think?), as if you watch TheFatRat's video for this song on youtube, there is basically a music video behind it, and it gives the reason behind the name, sort of. Anyway, here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjYTj_EMGU8
Also I love your music! Keep making more!

f-777 has broken mach 777 with this song! He is amazing! I can't make stuff like this and I'm the same age as he was when he made this!

this is like a weird older mash up of infernoplex and operation: evolution...So basically it sounds like an amazing dimrain47 song! Love your songs! please post more to your youtube and make more!

y r u readin this u r wastin ur time :P

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